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Posts tagged "Car accident"

Driver-less cars are coming, just not yet

The newest cars for the 2015 model year will likely be released after Labor Day. Of course, commercials touting them won’t likely be seen until later in the fall, but two things are certain: sales will emerge for 2014 models, and more 2015 models will include autonomous driving features. The next yearly offering of cars is yet another step towards the implementation of completely autonomous cars.

The staggering costs of auto accidents

A recent study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration highlighted a staggering number that many drivers may take for granted. Essentially, researchers found that cost of auto accidents across the United States costs nearly $1 trillion per year when considering the costs of medical expenses, lost wages, property damage and decreased quality of life for those who suffer long term injuries.

The dangers of taking selfies while driving

It should be obvious that taking selfies while driving is inherently dangerous. After all, the act of posing for a picture, pushing a button on a smartphone, and posting it onto Facebook takes a certain amount of focus. If a driver is doing this while they are behind the wheel, it is more than likely that he or she is not focusing on the road.

The untold limits of auto insurance

When consumers think about auto insurance, they may be more familiar with the spokespeople and jingles that insurance companies peddle to reinforce their respective brands. Ask any consumer, and it is likely that they will know the “like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” jingle. The same could be said about Farmers Insurance. As for catchy commercials, consumers likely know about Flo from Progressive Insurance, and the Geico gecko.

What to do after a car accident

Being in an accident can be a jarring event. There is nothing really that can prepare you for such an event, but there are several things that can be done to protect your legal rights after an accident. Depending on the severity of the crash, the helpful tips set forth in this post can set the foundation for what an attorney will need to advance your claim or defend you as needed. 

Harrisburg man killed in car crash; several others injured

The consequences of drinking and driving in Pennsylvania can be severe. This is true not only in terms of penalties faced by a person who is charged and convicted with a crime such as DUI, but of course in terms of the human cost of lives potentially lost or forever altered by the thoughtless actions of a drunk driver.

Check your insurance coverage before ridesharing

Have you ever used a ridesharing service, such as Lyft, Uber or Sidecar? If so, you know that these increasingly popular services allow consumers to quickly and conveniently schedule a local ride from a private driver. Most people who take advantage of ridesharing services probably assume that they will be covered in the event of an accident when it comes to medical bills and injuries. That is exactly the assumption that numerous states are currently warning consumers about.

What holiday is the most dangerous for people who are traveling?

It should come as no surprise that many deadly accidents take place during holiday times in the United States. There are several reasons that this would be so. For one, many people have the day off of work for federal holidays such as Independence Day, so people who might not otherwise be driving are on the roads. Second, people are apt to travel on holidays to visit with friends or family, so there are lots of people on the road for that reason -- many of whom are eager to get to where they are going quickly.

Prom season brings reminders for kids to make good choices

The memory of prom night likely conjures up all kinds of memories for Pennsylvanians -- some of them funny, some of them cringe-worthy, and others happy. Unfortunately, for many people in Pennsylvania, the thought of prom night reminds them of a loved one whose life was lost in a car accident due to the bad choices made by a driver who had been drinking.

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