The Pennsylvania workers’ compensation program is designed to provide financial assistance to individuals who suffer an injury while on the job or who become sick due to their work environment. However, the complexity of the claims process sometimes makes obtaining all of the available benefits a challenge for an injured or ill worker.

If you were injured in a workplace accident or have developed an occupational disease, you may qualify for a variety of benefits. Wage benefits are designed to provide financial assistance while you are unable to work. There are limits to how much can be paid, but these benefits usually represent two-thirds of your average paycheck. While these benefits are not subject to income tax, they will not be adjusted if you are awarded a pay raise. Medical benefits, on the other hand, are paid to cover the treatment of your injury or illness while specific loss benefits will compensate you for the loss of a body part or the loss of the use of a body part.

Consulting an attorney who has experience dealing with the workers’ compensation program can be a prudent step for you to take if have questions about these benefits or are unsure of which benefits you may qualify for. You may also wish to seek legal counsel if your employer makes an offer to settle your claim with a lump sum payment. You are not obliged to accept such a settlement, and it may not always be in your best interests to do so.

While workers’ compensation claims are not assessed based on who was responsible for causing a workplace accident, the process may still be combative. An attorney could help if your employer argues that your injury was not work-related or if they claim that you are exaggerating your injuries or symptoms. If you have been injured on the job and would like to know more about filing a workers’ compensation claim, please visit our page containing information about the process.

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