Employers from Pennsylvania to California are considering the implications after a contractor for Disney was fined almost $61,000 by Cal/OSHA on April 19 after they violated a number of safety rules. A 37-year-old contractor sustained broken bones in Nov. 2012 while working on the Space Mountain attraction when the ropes that secured him broke. In this case, the employer has 14 days to request another hearing regarding the workplace injury.

Cal/OSHA has also requested more than $230,000 in fines against the amusement park because of the injury. Space Mountain and another ride are closed indefinitely until the attractions can be repaired. A spokeswoman for Disneyland indicated that the closures were voluntary and done out of concern for everyone’s safety. She emphasized the need for safety for everyone at the amusement park and indicated that Disneyland is going over their operational procedures.

Cal/OSHA reported six violations and detailed the following incidents: unsafe ladders used outside Space Mountain, a lack of guard rails and a lack of protection from falls for workers. Other violations were related to portable fire extinguishers.

When employers violate safety rules, workers often suffer ill effects or injuries because of a lack of consideration for their welfare. The employee could be injured and dealing with hospital expenses, therapy, counseling, time off work and lost opportunities for advancement. They might not know how to proceed with a legal claim. A worker’s compensation attorney might be able to help employees file a lawsuit and seek a claim for a just and fair resolution.

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