The members of a motorcycle club that focuses on overcoming substance abuse problems mourned the loss of two men this past weekend. The group had been on a ride to the funeral of one man when a fatal motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania took the life of another.

In some instances, motorcycle accidents can occur if a driver doesn’t see or isn’t aware of a motorcyclist on the road next to him or her. But in this particular crash, investigators believe that alcohol may have played a part. They believe that the driver of the truck that killed the man may have been under the influence of alcohol.

The group of eight motorcyclists was riding when a pickup truck slammed into their group. The riders did not have time to respond; the pickup truck driver apparently attempted to make a turn but took it too wide. As a result, he struck the lead motorcyclist straight on, killing him almost instantly.

There is no information as to whether any other motorcyclists were injured in the crash. However the rest of the group will likely never forget the fatal crash that they witnessed. They are all deeply saddened by the loss of their friend.

In the wake of any fatal accident, the loved ones of the deceased are left to deal with a lot. The man killed in the motorcycle accident left behind a wife and two children. In addition to the pain and grief that naturally comes with this kind of loss, his wife may also be faced with the reality that she must support her two children on her own.

Though criminal charges have yet to be pressed, it is likely that the pickup driver will be charged with drunk driving.

Source: The Star-Ledger online, “Recovering N.J. alcoholics killed by suspected drunk driver in Pennsylvania,” Dan Goldberg, 03 July 2011