With the Fourth of July holiday weekend quickly approaching, it is a given that traffic volumes will be higher than usual. The mass exodus for vacation getaways may begin in earnest on Thursday, with the holiday being observed on Friday.

The Fourth of July holiday is known for being one of the most dangerous times to travel. For those who plan to be on the road, it is common to be vigilant; but still accidents can occur. In these instances, it is helpful to know what kinds of damages (i.e. compensation) can be recovered for those who are injured in a crash. This post will focus on a few. 

Medical expenses – Those who are injured must be taken to the hospital to have their wounds and injuries treated. Whether it is just cuts and bruises being treated or something more serious, these actions come with costs. The person who is liable for an accident could also be held responsible for paying these expenses.

Pain and suffering – With injuries sustained in an accident comes mental and physical distress. Depending on the severity of the injury, there may be many weeks or even months of physical pain after an accident. Also, a person could become depressed with having to live in a new reality where he or she may no longer be able to live as they once did. As such, injury victims can be compensated for pain and suffering.

Lost wages – Most injury victims are working people. As they recover from their injuries, they are not able to perform their jobs. This invariably leads to lost wages that an injured person could seek to recover.