Very early this morning, a multi-vehicle accident occurred in York County and involved a police officer who was transporting a prisoner. The officer crashed into a box truck in front of the police car that had begun to slow down.

The truck and police car were stopped in the right lane; the impact of the crash damaged the police car’s headlights and taillights. In addition, the officer was unable to turn on the vehicle’s flashing lights. The crash occurred a little after 2:30 am and because it was dark, it was likely difficult to see the initial accident.

As a result, a secondary accident occurred when a semi truck crashed into the back of the police car. The impact of the secondary crash pushed the police car even harder into the back of the box truck. According to the article, the truck driver did not see that there was a crash in the right lane.

Both drivers of the trucks escaped injury. Unfortunately, the police officer and the prisoner were both injured and taken to the local hospital. To rescue the two, responders had to use hydraulic equipment to extract them from the wreck. Currently the extents of the two accident victims’ injuries are still unknown.

The driver of the semi truck was administered tests to determine if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. Those results have not been made known.

Getting into a serious car accident can cause a lot of unexpected issues. There is the issue of physical injury, which not only causes pain and suffering but can also prevent a car accident victim from returning to work or participating in everyday activities. In addition, many victims also face legal issues that can arise after an accident. For car accident victims, it can help to speak with someone who can make sense of the many complications that can arise after a crash.

Source: York Daily Record online, “I-83 reopens after crash that injured officer and his prisoner,” 18 April 2011