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Posts tagged "Pennsylvania"

Truck driver surrenders in fatal hit-and-run motorcycle crash

Fatal traffic accidents are always tragic, but it's especially difficult for a victim's family to cope with their loss when the person who caused the crash doesn't accept responsibility, instead fleeing the scene.

Guilty plea in fatal DUI crash could affect future civil suits

When people are injured or killed in a car accident caused by someone else, a personal-injury or wrongful-death lawsuit can compensate the victims or their families and help them recover from their loss. But first it must be determined who caused the crash and whether they were negligent in doing so.

Pennsylvania ban on texting while driving takes effect this week

On Thursday, a new state law banning texting while driving takes effect. Its supporters hope it will cut down on the number of traffic accidents attributed to distracted driving. Drivers caught texting, emailing or Web surfing will face a fine, but talking on a handheld cellphone will still be legal, which could make enforcement of the law tougher for police.

Widows of Pennsylvania motorcycle crash victims sue driver, bars

When someone dies in a crash caused by drunk driving, who should be held responsible? The driver who caused the accident can certainly expect to be charged and perhaps even sued by the victim's family, but what about those who served the alcohol?

2 pedestrians fatally struck in eastern Pennsylvania

As drivers, we've all learned the precautions to take against car accident injuries. We know that wearing our seat belts, driving defensively and keeping distractions to a minimum, whether they're passengers or cellphones, can reduce the chance we'll be hurt in a collision. But these protections only help us if we're driving. As pedestrians, we face a completely different set of dangers.

Pa. woman dies in head-on collision with driver wanted by police

One of the things we learn as young drivers and again as we become much older is to drive defensively. This means keeping a close eye out for hazardous weather or road conditions, emergency vehicles and other cars that could cause an accident. Defensive driving is safer than passive or aggressive driving because we're more prepared for something to go wrong. But there are some circumstances no one can anticipate.

Distracted driving laws for Pennsylvania teens may not be enough

Many of us remember what it was like to finally get our driver's license after counting the days until our 16th birthday. The first thing you want to do is give your unlicensed friends a lift. Everyone pile in! The more the better! And let's be sure to turn up the radio for an extra good time.

Pa. car accident case involving data recorder could set precedent

Whenever an airplane crashes, investigators rely on its flight data recorder, usually called a "black box," to tell them about any air safety issues or mechanical problems the plane might have experienced in the moments before the crash. Many cars are now equipped with data recorders as well, which can be helpful in determining what caused a car accident. The data can include a vehicle's speed, braking activity, turn signal use and even seatbelt use.

Driver killed, construction workers injured in Pennsylvania crash

No matter what time of year it is, road construction seems to be a constant presence. Orange signs are everywhere, telling us to slow down or go that way instead of this way. It can add several minutes or even hours to a commute or road trip, which can lead to frustration and a temptation to ignore the warnings. But is the hassle worth a serious car accident?

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