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Posts tagged "Pennsylvania"

Pennsylvania resort owner sued after DUI car accident kills teen

Most parents of teenagers have some concern about whether their children use alcohol. If you're the parent of a teen, restricting access to the alcohol in your home and talking with your teen about the risks of underage drinking are two good steps to take. But there's no guarantee that your teen and his friends won't find other ways to drink alcohol, particularly if other parents aren't as diligent about prohibiting teen drinking.

Fatal motorcycle crashes up in some Pa. counties, down statewide

A northern Pennsylvania county analyzing its rate of fatal motorcycle crashes reports an increase in 2012, though statewide, the numbers have been falling in recent years. Erie County's motorcycle accident report offers a snapshot of the primary causes of accidents across Pennsylvania and the reasons many of them are fatal.

Pennsylvania woman dies after SUV rear-ends buggy

Like all other drivers across the country, Pennsylvania motorists are advised to keep an eye out for pedestrians, bikers and users of other non-motorized vehicles. But our state is one of several where motorists may encounter vehicles that are bigger than bikes but slower than cars. Pennsylvania's Amish and Mennonite communities rely heavily on horse-drawn buggies to get around. And it's the responsibility of other drivers to be aware of these vehicles and avoid crashing into them.

Pennsylvania skateboarder hit by driver

If you're a motorist, it is always important to remember to share the road with cyclists, skateboarders and pedestrians. As the days get shorter in the upcoming Pennsylvania winter months, it will be getting darker much earlier. Therefore, it is crucial that drivers keep a watchful eye out for others using the road, especially during the dawn and dusk hours.   

Pennsylvania woman seriously injured in car accident

When it comes to determining the cause of car accidents, some explanations are fairly cut-and-dry. The driver who caused the accident may have been distracted or made a simple error in judgment, and may even take responsibility immediately for the crash. Other accidents take some investigation, particularly if the fault isn't clear or the person who caused the crash isn't willing to provide details that would be incriminating.

Driver remorse doesn't remove pain of accident victims' families

Many times when people think of personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits, they imagine money-hungry plaintiffs who are simply out to profit from another person involved in an accident. But as anyone who's been involved in a serious accident knows, medical costs can add up quickly, as can funeral and burial costs in the event someone has died. Factor in lost wages and very real pain and suffering, and it becomes clear that these cases have much more to do with emotional and financial recovery than revenge or greed.

More Pennsylvanians relying on Social Security disability

Disabled residents of Pennsylvania who relied on the state's General Assistance program have been struggling since Gov. Tom Corbett cut the program from the state budget. Many are turning to Social Security disability insurance, which can seem nearly as unattainable as the recently axed state funds.

Pennsylvania driver charged in fatal hit-and-run motorcycle crash

Accidents that result in someone's death are undeniably tragic, but especially so when the crash results in multiple deaths. A recent double-fatal motorcycle accident was made even worse when the driver of the car that collided with the motorcycle left the scene.

Pennsylvania resident takes pedestrian safety into own hands

Many of us have attended neighborhood or city council meetings in hopes that civic leaders might listen to our concerns and requests about public safety or crime. Sometimes these efforts are met with action, while other times they appear fruitless and we continue to be frustrated. And every once in a while, residents end up taking action themselves in the name of keeping themselves and others safe. That's what one Pittsburgh resident did recently, with mixed reviews from neighbors and officials.

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