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Posts tagged "workplace safety"

Long-term dangers of construction work

Hazards in the construction industry take many forms. Safety education often focuses on sudden, catastrophic accidents - such as falls, explosions, trench collapses and vehicle accidents. However, another category of injuries takes place over time. Long-term damage to the body is common in construction work. Because these injuries don't arise from a single tragic event, but rather develop slowly over years or decades of work, they're more likely to go overlooked. Nonetheless, they can have a big impact on sufferers' lives.

Knowing what to do when you witness a workplace accident

Someone got hurt on the job, and although you weren't able to stop the accident from happening, you had a front-row seat. Whether you like it or not, you're now a workplace accident witness. Do you know what your next move ought to be?

Injuries and fatalities on the farm

If you are a farm or agricultural worker, you are used to long hours and difficult weather conditions. Your work is physically exhausting and places intense stress on your body. On top of that, farm-related injuries and fatalities are all too common, and many job requirements are high-risk.

Fatal workplace injuries reported at Pennsylvania coal company

CONSOL is a mining company based in Pennsylvania considered by many to be among the safest coal-mine operators in the country. Despite a better track record than most, however, CONSOL had three workers fatally injured on the job over a period of four months with two of those deaths occurring in a one-week period.The last workplace accident of the three happened recently at the Loveridge mine located in West Virginia. Despite the ongoing investigation, the company has already attempted to place fault on the miner in its employ. Mine safety officials reported only that the miner was struck in the head while he was re-railing a loaded supply car with a slate bar, which is a long-handled tool similar to a pry bar. The investigation is considering whether the pry bar was in fact being used to re-rail a supply car.

OSHA sets rules to inspire safer workplace for railroad workers

The tune of "I've been working on the railroad" makes working for a railway sound like a joyful, carefree time. Just like any job, however, the industry comes with its particular workplace safety threats. Just like any industry, its workers have the right to report job-related injuries and unsafe work conditions without fear of retaliation.

OSHA: Pennsylvania hospital workers need violence protection, too

When dealing with persons who are vulnerable, such those who are physically or mentally ill or developmentally disabled, it is natural for caregivers put their well-being ahead of their own. However, there can be times when the efforts made to keep these populations safe may put those caregivers in danger themselves. This was the determination of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) when they investigated a Pennsylvania psychiatric clinic where a gunman shot six people last year. While OSHA recognizes the importance of patient safety, they assert that the safety of workers, and even visitors to the hospital, cannot be ignored. The hospital administration disagrees with the findings, which offered suggestions, but did not actually issue citations to the facility. The hospital is spending $10 million to upgrade security.

Speedy movements can make the medical workplace dangerous

A heightened sense of urgency coupled with an innate desire to treat needy patients puts medical facility staff in constant physical jeopardy. Healthcare venues typically possess extremely hard floors constructed with materials designed to decrease any allowance for infectious diseases to take hold. Yet, these very same surfaces cause many attentive medical personnel to slip and fall when moving about quickly to help the sick and hurt.

Returning to work after injury or illness: Be prepared

When you have taken a leave of absence from your job due to illness or injury, the prospect of returning to work can be both excited and frustrating. Chances are that you are still recovering from whatever workplace accident, illness or other circumstance led you to take a leave of absence in the first place.

Dangerous U.S. jobs of 2011 might surprise you

Every year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a report on illness and injuries in workplaces across the country. The information is interesting, but is also important because it helps industry and safety officials determining which workplaces could possibly use more safety regulations.

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