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Posts tagged "texting and driving"

How distracted driving becomes an addiction

While 98 percent of drivers say they know texting while driving isn't safe, over half of them still report doing it. The same goes for using the phone and engaging in other distractions while driving. Why do we keep doing something we know isn't safe?

Top 3 factors that contribute to accidents among teen drivers

It's a scary statistic: Teen drivers are three times more likely to get into an accident than adults (per mile driven). As the parent of a teen driver, your biggest nightmare is learning that he or she has been in an accident. Understanding some of the biggest risk factors that contribute to these crashes can help you talk to your children about auto safety - and, hopefully, avoid ever hearing such tragic news.

Could accidents be prevented with better distracted driving laws?

Earlier this month on our Pennsylvania personal injury blog, we wrote about how one woman's life was permanently altered by a distracted driver who crashed into her family's vehicle. The accident killed her parents and inflicted catastrophic injuries on the woman, who now travels the country to advocate for stronger distracted driving laws. The woman said that Pennsylvania's laws against distracted driving are especially tame compared with those in other states.

Woman's story is harrowing reminder of cost of distracted driving

We've all heard about Pennsylvania car accidents that are caused by distracted driving. Many times on our blog, we will write about the details of a fatal crash, but we don't always hear about the continuing effects of such a crash on the victims and their families. These sorts of details help to paint the picture of why it is often important to seek compensation from those who are at fault in serious motor vehicle accidents. The recovery process can be long, painful and expensive.

New phone option meant to keep drivers in 'driving mode'

Do you use your cellphone while driving? If you do, you are not unlike the many drivers who either talk or even text while behind the wheel. Some will do so even if their state has laws against texting and driving. It is a hard habit to break, but also a crucial habit for drivers in Pennsylvania and beyond to break.

Are teens put on the roads while too apt to cause accidents?

For adults who have been driving for decades, signaling a turn or slowing and accelerating just right for a turn become sort of unconscious habits, hopefully. Experience is traffic safety's best friend. So what does that make inexperienced teen drivers?

Most states miss out on anti-distracted driving funds

Government plays a significant role in creating safer roads in Pennsylvania as well as in other states. Without government funding, various safety efforts would never get started that serve the best interests of their communities. Drunk driving prevention is just one example of how funding is used to implement traffic safety programs.

Bus driver's texting didn't lead to crash, but suggests danger

People of all ages, walks of life and professions have something in common. They love their cell phones. Love and law, however, don't necessarily mix, and the love of phone activity like texting can get someone in trouble with the law -- especially if someone is a commercial driver.

What distracted teen to result in fatal Pennsylvania car crash?

Distraction is everywhere. Some distraction is avoidable; some isn't. When a teen argues that he got distracted behind the wheel when a bird crossed his path, he is addressing a distraction that could happen to anyone.

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