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Posts tagged "surgical errors"

Taking 'time out' prevents wrong site surgeries

Have you heard of National Time Out Day? For about 10 years now, on June 11, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals have observed National Time Out Day to raise awareness around correct surgical procedure. And if you look at national statistics, then you'll realize that more awareness in this regard is sorely needed.

Hospitals paid more for patients who suffer surgical errors

Having to put trust in other individuals - particularly when it relates to your health - can be an unnerving and challenging proposition. Unfortunately, in some cases, especially when serious medical intervention is necessary, there may be no other choice.

Medical malpractice study finds 'never events' happen frequently

If the idea of surgery makes you nervous, you certainly aren't alone. Friends, relatives and doctors may try to allay your fears by telling you that surgical errors are very rare and that the chances of them happening to you are slim to none. Unfortunately, some of those errors are quite frequent, according to a study out of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Distractions cause inexperienced doctors to make surgical errors

Inexperienced doctors performing surgery can all too easily become distracted by a variety of things, resulting in dangerous and even deadly errors. A new study found that such distractions included questions, noises and a variety of other commonplace occurrences. Medical malpractice in the form of significant surgical errors occurred among a full 44 percent of distracted young doctors between the ages of 27 and 35.

Misused surgical device can be lethal for kidney donors

Relatives and other properly matched donors are able to make a sacrifice of one of their own kidneys to save the life of someone suffering from kidney disease. Most of the time the willingness to help the recipient of the kidney overrides any worries about the transplant surgery, or medical malpractice in connection with it.

Study: Lack of sleep could cause errors among surgical students

Imagine going to the hospital for an operation and learning just before the procedure that your surgeon is legally drunk. That would certainly be grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit, not to mention the surgeon's dismissal from his job. But a new study has found that many surgical students are operating under an equivalent impairment: sleep deprivation.

Woman files malpractice suit after catching fire during birth

A medical malpractice lawsuit has been filed by a woman who caught on fire while she was on the operating table giving birth to her daughter via Cesarean section. The incident took place on March 1, 2010, shortly after her attending physician had made an incision. The anesthetic evidently caught fire due to a spark from a surgical tool, setting her abdomen ablaze.

Pennsylvania woman awarded settlement in medical malpractice suit

When a doctor or nurse is negligent during surgery, the patient can experience a number of different medical complications as a result. When that happens, the patient may at first have difficulty determining whether the pain is because of an error or just a byproduct of the original medical condition.

Is it medical malpractice to operate on the wrong eye?

When a doctor, nurse or other medical staff member makes a mistake on a patient, the resulting injuries can be serious. Some surgical errors can be fixed by additional medical procedures. But in some cases the extent of the damage from the mistake are not immediately clear.

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