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Posts tagged "construction accidents"

Why safety training is so critical for construction workers

The existence of OSHA regulations isn't the only reason that construction companies need to adhere to rigorous safety training standards. When it comes to reducing risks on the job, the best strategies aren't always obvious. It's up to employers to teach their workers the right ways to protect themselves and others. More than just another regulatory hoop to jump through, safety training is a matter of life and death for countless construction professionals.

Crane accident leads to construction worker's brain injury

Many workers go through their entire careers without any serious injuries, but that's not the case with everyone who works in the construction field. One of the most dangerous positions in the construction field is that of a crane operator. It may seem as though they're pretty safe where they are, but they actually face a lot of risk. A recent case of a crane operator who was injured led to what could have been grave results. The construction accident caused severe swelling of the man's brain. Doctors are amazed that he lived and that he's come so far in his recovery after intensive physical therapy. Still, there are questions about why the accident happened. Was there something the company could have done that would have prevented or significantly lowered the danger?

Pennsylvania deck collapse likely due to bad material choice

So much goes into the erection of a building. Every piece of material is held to another with another piece of material. The safety of a structure depends on the right materials being used in the right way.

Fatal fall at construction site brings work to a halt

Stopping the building of a hotel is the least of the serious consequences related to a construction accident that occurred this week. In an out-of-state incident, a construction worker was working on an apartment building when he fell and was injured by materials at the site.

Scaffolding, plus elevator shaft made for work danger

Using an elevator is an everyday thing for many people, whether they live in an apartment complex or work in a multi-floor office. It can be easy to forget that such an everyday convenience can also be a danger, particularly for those responsible for fixing it.

Table saw modification could prevent serious construction injuries

Some people, perhaps less handy people, shudder at the thought of using a table saw. It is a sharp, powerful tool that could take a limb if things went extremely wrong. For those who work in construction, a table saw is an everyday tool just as a computer might be a common tool for others.

Falls: Number One Cause of Fatalities for Construction Workers

Last week we discussed OSHA's campaign to prevent heat illness among outdoor workers. This week we will touch on another one of OSHA's major initiatives, fall prevention in the construction industry. Many people may be surprised to learn that falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry.

OSHA Launches Construction Safety Initiative in Pennsylvania

Construction workers face a variety of hazards on the job, making construction sites some of the most deadly workplaces in America. A new campaign in Pennsylvania is hoping to change that by focusing on construction accident prevention. The U.S. Labor Department's Occupational Safety a Health Administration (OSHA) recently launched a summer Construction Incident Prevention Initiative.

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