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Posts tagged "Social Security"

Aging, surviving population impacts need for disability payments

The public certainly tends to make Social Security and disability benefits a heated political issue. Rather than argue any side of the argument, this blog post is merely meant to provide some information and encourage thought about disability claims in the U.S.

Employer faces charges over disputed Social Security funds

The 53-year-old owner of a business headquartered in Pennsylvania faces allegations of failing to provide worker's compensation insurance for employees after a 57-year-old employee had a finger cut off on the job. When he tried to have worker's compensation pay for his medical expenses, he discovered that the company no longer had coverage. Although the owner admits that he should not have dropped the insurance, he blames a sluggish economy for a need to cut costs. He also says that the employee who blames him for the mistake is disgruntled.

Study suggests employers are blind to the abilities of the blind

There are many things that hiring manages and businesses must keep in mind when building its group of workers. There are laws that must be followed in order for the hiring process to be ethical and fair to candidates. Having a diverse workforce can be a significant strength to a company.

Social Security recipients should prepare for end of paper checks

Social Security disability insurance provides a financial lifeline for people who are unable to work due to illness or disability. For decades, those benefits have come to Pennsylvania residents in the form of a paper check in the mail. But beginning in March, that delivery system will officially end. Instead, all SSDI recipients will receive their payments via direct deposit, most commonly into their personal bank account. The Social Security Administration is currently trying to ensure that all recipients are prepared for the change.

Why are more people getting Social Security disability insurance?

A recent examination of the number of people receiving Social Security disability insurance shows a substantial rise in the past several years, but the reason behind it is unclear. Those who have been denied access to these funds might find this statistic frustrating. Has the Social Security disability approval process changed or are there more and more people who are truly unable to work?

HIV/AIDS patients may qualify for Social Security benefits

Although a diagnosis of HIV was once considered a death sentence, advances in knowledge and treatment of HIV and AIDS have allowed countless numbers of patients with these viruses to live healthy, productive lives. But for those with advanced cases who are too sick to work, the Social Security Administration has extended a financial lifeline.

More Pennsylvanians relying on Social Security disability

Disabled residents of Pennsylvania who relied on the state's General Assistance program have been struggling since Gov. Tom Corbett cut the program from the state budget. Many are turning to Social Security disability insurance, which can seem nearly as unattainable as the recently axed state funds.

Can disabled Pennsylvanians keep benefits while trying to work?

For Pennsylvania residents who are unable to work due to a disability, Social Security disability insurance can be a lifesaver. But the Social Security Administration also has resources for disabled workers who are ready and able to give work a try. And you may not need to give up the benefits you receive until you feel safe on solid, income-earning ground.

CDC to baby boomers: Get tested for hepatitis C now

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made a startling recommendation to baby boomers earlier this month: Get a blood test to see if you have hepatitis C, a disease that attacks the liver and if left untreated, can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer, all of which are disabling conditions that can leave a person too sick to work.

Disease affecting veterans makes Social Security disability list

One of the many frustrating aspects of war for veterans is a disability that prevents them from working after returning home to civilian life. While prosthetics to replace limbs are getting better all the time and conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder are now more widely acknowledged as obstacles to successful employment, many diseases and injuries remain either unrecognized or ineligible for Social Security disability insurance.

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