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Posts tagged "Pennsylvania"

Employer faces charges over disputed Social Security funds

The 53-year-old owner of a business headquartered in Pennsylvania faces allegations of failing to provide worker's compensation insurance for employees after a 57-year-old employee had a finger cut off on the job. When he tried to have worker's compensation pay for his medical expenses, he discovered that the company no longer had coverage. Although the owner admits that he should not have dropped the insurance, he blames a sluggish economy for a need to cut costs. He also says that the employee who blames him for the mistake is disgruntled.

Saylorsburg woman sues manufacturers of garage door after injury

A former support manager at the Stroudsburg location of PetSmart is suing two Pennsylvania-based garage door manufacturers over injuries she sustained nearly two years ago while on the job. The workplace accident resulted in several serious injuries to the woman. The incident took place back on July 27, 2011 when the manager rolled up a commercial garage door produced by the two defendants in order to give construction workers access to the company's trash collecting area. The lawsuit alleges that while the manager was standing at the door, a torsion spring on the garage door gave out and caused the heavy door to crash down onto her shoulder and force her to the ground.

Defendants claim protection in Pa. workplace accident suit

An individual injured by a crane at the Fairless Hills U-Haul factory brought allegations of negligence leading to an unsafe working environment against four related defendants. The injury occurred in March of 2012 when a crane fell on the worker and caused several serious injuries, including disc injuries and spinal fractures. The lawsuit seeks payment for the Pennsylvania resident's medical expenses, including surgery.Lawyers for the defendants have entered motions in an attempt to change venue and remove themselves from the list of defendants. Lawyers for U-Haul and Falls manufacturing company have also filed a motion alleging protection from the worker's claims under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act. Civil claims involving workplace accidents are not allowed under the Act, according to the plaintiffs' petition. This petition rests on the "borrowed servant" doctrine, which in turn relies on the courts accepting that the worker was an employee of Centrix Staffing and only a "borrowed servant" of the defendants.

Pennsylvania motorcyclist dies in collision with SUV

When sport utility vehicles saw a meteoric rise in popularity in the 1990s, many buyers in Pennsylvania and across the country were attracted to them based on the belief that they were safer than smaller passenger cars. The larger the vehicle, the reasoning went, the more protection its occupants had in an accident. No longer would drivers have to worry about being crushed by the frame of a small car, because there was so much extra room on the inside -- if not much room left in a driver's wallet after filling up the gas tank.

Driver to stand trial for accident that killed New Castle boy, 7

Fatal car accidents are always tragic, but especially when they take the lives of young children. And when the accident is caused by circumstances under a driver's control, it can be that much harder for the victim's family to overcome their loss. A recent accident that killed a 7-year-old boy in New Castle, Pennsylvania, and severely injured his 9-year-old neighbor, for example, is being blamed on a man suspected of driving under the influence of drugs.

Criminal charges possible in crash that killed 2 Pennsylvania men

A crash that killed two Gordon, Pennsylvania, men earlier this week is being investigated as a criminal matter, according to police officials in Mount Carmel Township. That news may offer some comfort to the victim's devastated family members, who could decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit as a result of the at-fault driver's actions.

Pa. State Police: 'Dusting' led to fatal motorcycle crash

Everyone knows that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal and can cause traffic accidents. But another dangerous habit that appears to be growing in popularity among teens has been blamed for an accident that killed a motorcyclist and several others in Green County, Pennsylvania, last fall.

Mistakes in electronic health records endanger patients

With more and more hospitals and other medical providers switching over to the use of electronic health records, more mistakes and missing data are being reported. Some mistakes in these records can cause serious problems for patients and result in medical malpractice. In Pennsylvania alone, there were twice as many mistakes in electronic health records affecting patient safety in 2011 as in the year before.

Passengers injured, driver cited in Pennsylvania bus crash

Most people who rely on public transportation don't think twice about their safety before hopping on board a bus, train or ferry. They tend to assume that the driver is a licensed, trained and experienced transit employee, and in many cases, that's true. But just as when we go behind the wheel ourselves, there's no absolute guarantee of safety. Inclement weather, another driver or unforeseen circumstances can always cause an accident. And sometimes, unfortunately, the public transit driver does turn out to be at fault.

Criminal trials may not determine civil trial outcomes

In past blog posts we've discussed how the outcome of a criminal trial can affect a civil lawsuit in the event of a car accident that causes injury or death. If a driver who caused a car accident is convicted of drunk driving, for example, the attorney of a person injured in that accident may have an easier time proving that the driver negligently caused the injuries and should be forced to compensate the injury sufferer.

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