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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

$12.5 million verdict against Suzuki in motorcycle crash case

It's every motorcyclist's worst nightmare: having your brakes fail, unexpectedly and without warning, at the very moment you need them the most. It's all the more dire when you later learn that the failure was a result of defective brakes - and that the bike's manufacturer knew about the problem but failed to do anything about it.

Fatal motorcycle crash illustrates one of the biggest dangers bikers face

It's a scene every seasoned biker dreads: A driver isn't paying attention - or worse, is drunk - and turns left right into you. It's too late to stop, and the force of the impact throws you from your bike. You end up with life-threatening injuries (if you survive at all), while the driver walks away with mere scratches.

New motorcycle riders must be careful

The last weeks of summer is not commonly known as a time for riding motorcycles. After all, May is known as motorcycle safety month because it is the first full month with favorable riding weather. But as September gives way to October, many riders in central Pennsylvania want to make as much of the remaining season as they can.

How motorcycle riders can be safe during the Fourth of July

If there’s any summer holiday that motorcycle riders revel in, it is the Fourth of July. There’s a couple of reasons for this; first, the weather will be spectacular for riding. There’s nothing like a warm summer day to bring out one’s bike. Second, riding a motorcycle exemplifies the freedoms that are guaranteed for Americans. There’s a certain “cool” factor that comes with riding a bike, especially a Harley Davidson.

Helpful tips inspired by motorcycle safety month

If you have seen more motorcycles on the road than usual, it may be because riders know that May is motorcycle safety month. More than just a celebration of motorcycle riders, it is about knowing how drivers can be more diligent about seeing motorcyclists. After all, a car-motorcycle accident could have dire consequences for those riding on two wheels. Nope, there is no steel cage protecting motorcycle riders, so there are a few helpful tips to be followed.

The case for including motorcycles in V2V communication systems

Automakers have made tremendous strides over the last decade when it comes to safety technology. Indeed, more vehicles than ever now have previously unheard of safety features, including lane departure warning systems, blind spot monitors and even automated braking assist.

The perils of riding bicycles in New Jersey metro areas

Summer seems to be the ideal time for people to be on bikes. The weather is great, traffic appears to be lighter (because more motorcycles are on the road) and the exercise that comes with riding a bike is good for a person’s health. Nevertheless, riding a bike in the city comes with a unique set of dangers that are not always accounted for. Even with the latest safety advancements, bicyclists are still at risk.

Motorcycle riders should be careful during the Fourth

This weekend, scores of people who ride motorcycles will be on the road travelling throughout Pennsylvania. The weather is ideal, and the celebrations for the height of the summer are bound to bring more people out than usual. As a matter of fact, AAA estimates that more than 40 million Americans across the country will be on the road. Because of this, the likelihood of accidents increases.

Progress made on motorcycle fatalities, but more work to be done

Improving safety for motorcycle riders in Pennsylvania takes a concerted effort on the part of lots of different people and groups. In order to decrease the number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities, cooperation between our state's transportation department and the state police has had to improve -- and, by many accounts, it has. Additionally, training of new riders has gotten better.

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